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Under the Ocean - Trailer

Under the Ocean - Trailer

[WARNING: This wiki is heavily outdated and not currently being maintained by the Draxaga group anymore. This is due to the unfortunate changes in the game's development and our group's inactivity. If interested in reviving this project, please contact JATDragon.]

This is currently the largest and most informational wiki about the indie game called Under the Ocean. Under the Ocean is a survival, crafting and exploration game made by Near Enough Games. In the game, you are shipwrecked on a tropical island and you have to survive until you can find a way home. (Please feel free to add pages to this wiki, check to see what needs help on here)

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The original game was a small free indie game called Under The Garden. The small pixelated survival game became a hit so the creators decided to make a high-quality sequel called Under The Ocean. Development started in early 2012, and the game is currently at the Alpha 8.00 release stage, as of 20th August 2013. To check for the most recent updates, visit the game site (Under the Ocean - A sequel to Under the Garden) or the creator's YouTube channel (FarmerGnome's channel "thefarmergnome" - YouTube).



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