Planks are one of the most common crafting and building material in the game. A Tree Piece crafts into 4 Planks when put into a Workbench. Planks can be found in three varieties: Coconut, Banana and Driftwood.

Creating Planks (In Previous Versions)Edit

The logs will not turn into planks when you chop them, you have to do it yourself with a saw. Cutting them down to a descent size will make them fit in your inventory (you can cut them more than once, so that you can make them smaller). Then you can open up your tool belt, put the pieces of chopped tree you want to craft in the toolbelt and a list of items you can make will appear on the right side of the window. Select the item(s) you want to craft and it will appear inside the tool belt!


Planks can be crafted into the following: