Near Enough Games was the development team of the original Under the Ocean. They are also known for Under the Garden, made in 2010. After the project was almost finished, Geehan and Martin dropped off the project, Reitzenstein soon following. Leaving Hart behind. A 2D remake of the game is currently in development, though under Hart's pseudonym "FarmerGnome".

The TeamEdit

Near Enough Games consisted of four people that each work on there area of expertise to make Under the Ocean a succesful and entertaining game.

Paul HartEdit

Paul Hart (formerly Paul Greasley) is the founder of Near Enough Games and creator of Under the Ocean. He does the art for the game, as well as managing the development as it happens. He is also the sole creator of Under the Garden, a agme he submitted for the TIGSource "Game By Its Cover' Competition.

Michael Reitzenstein Edit

"...recently became a full time indie to work on Under the Ocean, which wasn't difficult, because he's never had a job." - Under the Ocean

Michael is the programmer for Under the Ocean.

Chris Geehan === Chris is the 'musical director' of Under the Ocean. He is also part of the HyperDuck Soundworks Team, as well as Near Enough Games. It is said that he likes bar fights and heavy metal, which is ironic because of the games peaceful and serene soundtrack.

Philippe Martin === Philippe is a freelance character animator who has done work on Under the Ocean, and is considered part of the team. He has 6  years of experience to back him, and is very good at what he does.


Under the Ocean (2012)Edit

Under the Ocean is Near Enough Games current game, and is being updated every  few weeks. It is about a man with not-so-fancy clothes and fabulous muttonchops, who is shipwrecked on a deserted island. He is roughly based off the main character in the games prequel: Under the Garden. Under the Ocean features a 3D sidescroller where you have to loot, craft and build to survive. Your ultimate goal is to sail home.