Under The Ocean game mode selection menu.

Base Game

Base game is a pre-generated world which is the basic form of the game. This is recommended for new players since it is filled with hints and shows you the steps of survival as you explore the world (must go left as you wake up shipwrecked on a shore). Everything is set-up in the recommended order of playing so the mode could be considered easy or medium difficulty.

Free BuildEdit

Free build is filled with all the craftable items in game. You can unleash your creativity and use your imaginations to invent contraptions, mechanics and new items.


Random is a randomly generated world each time you reset it. This mode is recommended only for experienced players who know the game, since you might appear in a world with little food, in the middle of the ocean or inside a dangerous cave. You can never know what to expect and the difficulty of the levels ranges from easy to impossible.

Fun FactsEdit

  • In the Base game mode, you are shipwrecked, however in the Random mode, you can have survived a plane crash, explaining why you appear on land not in sea or on shore.
  • In the Base game mode you are given all the basic tools and have plenty of materials to make spears and other craftable items, but in Random mode, you may not have few or no tools, meaning you have to search for them to progress in the game.