Fish are one of the animals found in Under the Ocean. These can be fished for food.
UnderTheOceanFish shot

Fish in water.


Fishing, more specifically Spear Fishing, is a way of aquiring food in


Under the Ocean. You need a spear or a Sharpened Long Stick. First you must equip one of the above, stand by a pool of water where you can see fish swimming around. When you see one, wait for it to slow down and then click on it. You will then throw the Spear/Sharpened Long Stick at the fish, skewering it and killing it. Retrieve the fish-stick and put into your crafting menu. An option should show up to butcher the fish, giving you meat, guts and bone . The meat can be eaten and the bones sharpened to make tools and weapons. You can improve your chances of catching a fish by dropping a worm in the water as bait, causing the fish to swim towards it, easy for spearing, but be quick, because the fish WILL  eat the worm then swim away.