• JATDragon

    According to the Under The Garden site, the latest version is 7.04 released on the 16th of July. According to the game menu, the latest version is Alpha 7.05... I checked the forums however, and on August 20th, there was an official post saying version 8.00 was released and gave a download link. What are we supposed to make of this?

    • Update* : Found a video of the devlog for the update ->
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  • JATDragon

    I am happy to announce that our wiki is definately the largest wiki about the game Under The Ocean. I hope that more members join to keep the blog up-to-date and full of helpfull tips & tricks, so please tell your friends to check us out! I also want to remind everyone that they can use the wiki's blogs and forums to discuss about the game and post about new game updates.

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  • Darkonion5

    Help Wanted!

    August 5, 2013 by Darkonion5

    Hello  everyone,

    As you know, this is a relatively new game, it's still in Alpha, and this wiki is very young at the moment. Every edit helps, so do what you can to make this a better wiki and community hub.



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